The first meeting

AFS “handed” Mutty over in the evening and Host Mother and Younger Host Sister took Mutty away for refreshments and to start to get to know her. It is hard to know who was the more nervous. Whilst Mutty is certainly more brave to travel to the other side of the world into a completely different culture, Host Mother was also taking on a lot.

Public Encryption Key for kyber

If you want to send kyber a private email or confirm an email from him is correct, then you need this: —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– Version: GnuPG v1.2.5 (MingW32) mQCPA0ER6pcBbgEEANUSKkuJ5L6Spx4fL5RxjYgtuuESfD8j4tePKpv/TGibvhjE eNw1imYLiqonrsl4g/po2QKYdEtPtkUD+h8r1yOeOxzHEj8kZL++12YVelEh+oXl jw9XxrYay/bDl49V0v3WVe3uWArxC0iGhnbEP5TOBDnWWHe+XKSJ22R/6UnJABEB AAG0J1N0dWFydCBNb29yZSA8c3R1YXJ0Lm1vb3JlQGt5YmVyLmNvLnVrPokAlQMF EEER6pekidtkf+lJyQEBKE4EALJJSH5u9aIxeSbAaFvbQVeIaH4reosfRQpd5qg7 Read more […]