Yet another website not following the password plot

I was somewhat surprised in this day and age to receive by email a copy of the password I had just used to register to the ecommerce web site of a small business I needed to buy an oil tank gauge from I sent them an email to express my surprise. Received an even more surprising response: To put your mind as rest, that you password is safe, the below is what our web developer has said:- The passwords are not stored in plain text, they are encrypted in the database. The email wouldn’t be Read more […]

The Digital Magazine dilema

I really do not mind paying more for a digital experience that is not a gimmick but genuinely adds to the value I get out of the content over and above what I would have gained from a printed or basic digitised version. That value can be just entertainment and convenience in some cases. I think there are three states of digitisation of magazines: PDF version of magazine with little allowance for use on digital devices – this is irritating with, for example, photographer magazines that have Read more […]

A journey to Sweden

After working in Swansea for over two years, running and overseeing a wide range of infrastructure related projects, I wanted a big change and was pleased to be asked to take over a deeply troubled project in Sweden. I have never been to Sweden before let alone worked there. The project has had many project managers before me and really needed a different management approach to drive to a satisfactory resolution for both the client and my organisation. The client was not especially pleased at Read more […]

Blinded by a bee sting

My eldest daughter was on a two-week field trip to a desert in Spain with her university as part of her Geology course. On the second Friday, she suffered one bee sting to an eyebrow and a second to an eyeball. This would trouble anyone, but it turned out my daughter is allergic to bee stings. She went into anaphylactic shock and collapsed to the ground twitching and struggling to breath. Her face swelled considerably. Fortunately, the field team had good emergency procedures in place and she Read more […]

Cloud computing discussion on facebook

A few weeks ago, I got into a discussion about cloud computing from an unusual angle. I posted a link advising people to secure 25GB of storage on the Microsoft SkyDrive before they reduced it to 7GB. A friend of one of my friends commented that he did not trust the cloud, hadn’t got into it yet especially for backing up. So I provided some more information to him, which I thought worth sharing here (with a few edits to make it easier to read). I guess you are specifically talking about personal Read more […]

Oedipussy a magnificent performance at the Curve studio theatre in Leicester last night and was blown away. Just four actors in the cast and the fourth wall blown away at regular intervals as they stepped in and out of primary characters and interacted with the audience and yet still managed to draw us into incredibly emotional story moments. Supremely talented, brilliantly presented, very entertaining and compelling. Recommended. The kind of live theatre treat that Read more […]

Loss of a laptop

There is a widely accepted principle that Men (or more specifically, male brained humans) are poor at multi-tasking. It seems this applies when repacking after going through airport security scanners where I was trying to, put my shoes back on, rethread my belt, recover things from coat/jacket pockets to trousers, put laptop back in cabin luggage, talk to someone on my phone and given them some information i looked up on the phone.On getting home last Thursday evening, I opened by cabin bag to discover Read more […]

Farewell to one client and a great team

After around two-and-a-half years working on an account in South Wales and running a wide range of projects, I find myself finally rolling off of the account. This is longest I have ever worked in one place since joining PricewaterhouseCoopers over 10 years ago. (Transfered to IBM when they aquired the consulting arm of PwC.) I was getting a little concerned about being on one account for so long as that kind of defeats the point of working for a consulting firm as I enjoy working with many Read more […]

Peace of mind for valuables at the gym

I have for some time been concerned about leaving valuables in the locker at my gym (DW Fitness) – not specifically because of any problems reported at the branches I use but because lockers in such locations are clearly vulnerable and there have been reports of gyms being targeted by thieving gangs. There are not many portable lock boxes with movement alarms around. Frankly, this is the only one I found that looked at all substantial in the UK. It is the Xitel mySAFE. I purchased two, one Read more […]