Yodel / HDNL delivery problems

Amazon use HDNL (Home Delivery Network) – also known as Yodel – for a lot of their deliveries. Inevitably, with such a large volume of items being sent out, there are reports of problems and given that delivery times are not to tight slots, there will be times when people are not in when deliveries arrive. However, my own experience of this carrier was pretty bad in that delivery attempts were often claimed when we had been in and seen no sign of anyone. We switched some time ago to using a locker Read more […]

Amazon book reviews and the average reader

I do find it amazing how many book reviews on Amazon claim that the book isn’t for the average reader. To quote from my recent comment on this: I do wonder who this “average” reader is that anyone posting on these feedbacks seems to consider themselves to be above. My guess, and it is no more than that (I have no reliable information on “average” reading abilities in USA or UK) is that the vast majority of basically educated people in the developed world with some secular religious education Read more […]

Running Kindle for Windows on Linux

Installs and works perfectly on WINE with no special measures. Just thought you might like to know. For those interested in a little more information … Decided to resurrect an oldish laptop earlier today. It was always a bit (well, a lot) too slow under Windows XP but seemed well suited to running Linux. Downloaded the latest Ubuntu desktop image file (v10.10) and wrote it to a DVD. Booted the laptop, set the BIOS to read from CD/DVD drive first, popped the fresh disc in, and booted into Ubuntu Read more […]

Kindle failed but Amazon customer service replacing

Wow. I went to use my Kindle this evening only to find the screen frozen. A quick Google showed this was a problem with a small number of Kindles. Went onto the Amazon customer service page, clicked a few buttons to say my Kindle (bought by my wife) had a fault. I was advised to supply my contact number and click the phone-me button, and someone did, immediately, at 11’o’clock at night! Within a few minutes I was advised a replacement would be with me in a couple of days, and asked to return Read more […]

Books (ebooks) bought on kindle

Order Date: Aug 07, 2010 Order #: Recipient: Stuart Moore Items: 1 of: Immune (The Rho Agenda : Book Two) [Kindle Edition] Order Date: Aug 04, 2010 Order #:  Recipient: Stuart Moore Items: 1 of: The Second Ship (The Rho Agenda : Book One) [Kindle Edition] Order Date: Aug 04, 2010 Order #: Recipient: Stuart Moore Items: 1 of: Supervirus [Kindle Edition] Order Date: Jul 31, 2010 Order #: Recipient: Stuart Moore Read more […]