Ill health in the family

Yesterday was a bad day. I am not at liberty to share information here but I have certainly been given reason to revaluate my lifestyle. I came home during the morning yesterday, having taken a day’s leave for personal reasons at no notice. I always feel bad taking time off – I know I am not indispensable, but just hate letting people down. There are times when needs must. The next few days will be difficult. We intend to stick to original plans, not least to keep us occupied, and look Read more […]

Day on the beach

Despite the holiday starting with weather warnings from the Met office, heavy rain and high winds (a joy to experience in a tent), we did get some excellent weather down on the beach. The party had several dogs. We have two: Tag on the left and Kitch on the right. This holiday is the first experience Kitch has of living in a tent on going on a beach.  Tent living is proving a bit of a strain for him and he reacts to every sound outside and gets very protective of his territory (without biting Read more […]

Doctor Who Day and the Fish Tank

We are not exactly fanatics, I mean we do not dress up, but we are fans. My kids do not watch much tv but this is one of the exceptions (as are Torchwood and Heroes) and we tend to watch it as a family and unusually watch when it is broadcast (rather than one playback at our convenience). Saturdays then do not revolve around Doctor Who but we do look forward to sitting down together at the appointed time having had a nice tea together first. Often the kids are off with [different] friends hanging Read more […]

Company Car

Well, finally done it and returned to the company car fold after years of running my own cars. I have just decided I no longer want the ad-hoc expenses and hassles of running my own car – the tax savings are simply not worth it to me any more.

I have not gone over the top though… just gone for a humble Mondeo and have left behind the fancy Mercedes of the past.

Summer holidays 2006 – camping

Another camping break, this time a short week and a short trip. We pitched up near Tamworth. It was really nice to have to drive only a short distance. We had a friend of one of our daughters with us. We did not do a lot, just relaxed, although we went out most days including ice skating, ten-pin bowling, swimming and a shopping trip to Birmingham’s Bull Ring.