Car for my eldest

Just drove a nearly new Golf home for my very lucky eldest daughter. She has tried many cars but has been learning in a Golf and it seemed a more practical and longer term proposition than some of the more popular first car choices (such as Fiat 500, Citroen C1) which would not have been ideal for us to drive either. I had a Volvo XC90 that we had hung on to for far too long especially in light of the slump in the popularity of 4×4s. It has had little use since I took on a company car back Read more […]

Taxi driving father

I may have been away all week, but it falls to me to take my eldest to and from a training course on both Saturday and Sunday. Naturally, my daughter takes this service for granted and has to be reminded to thank me. Really is the last thing I want to do at the weekend. The round trip is an hour! This morning, the car is covered in snow and we have heavy horrible sleety rain to cope with. A slow journey on a windy back road with lots of black-ice potential. Fun.

Stranger Danger

Some months ago, I posted about one of my daughter’s being attacked at a local shopping centre. (An event that still disturbs her from time to time.) Now there is an alert out about Strange Danger in the area. I am sure it is common to remind younger children of the danger of strangers but less so you average 6th former. However, it turns out that was an attempted abduction (an attempt to drag a girl into a car) and this took place on the same road as my children walk home-alone on! There are two Read more […]

Scotland 08 – Friday

Heavy rain most of the night and still going strong in the morning. We did not feel motivated to do very much. We had planned a day out in a particularly beautiful area near by including a couple of waterfall visits. We decided, somewhat reluctantly, to head back to Inverness and hit the shopping centre. My eldest daughter hates shopping so this was not a great option for her. Not great for the dogs either but it was time for some retail therapy. We had a great Italian meal for lunch (decent places Read more […]

Scotland 08 – Thursday

Awoken by my youngest daughter at 7.20am today. Had hoped to lie in for a change as I have been getting up before 7am so far. Understandable though as it was her 15th birthday. We quickly got ourselves together and went through the appropriate ceremonies. The best part was when we revealed that, contrary to all the misdirection we had been given, we had in fact managed to obtain a Nintendo Wii Fitness board for her. Sadly, although we had brought the Wii with us complete with SCART connector and Read more […]

Scotland 08 – Wednesday

We headed for Inverness again today with a stop on the way at the Loch Ness Visitors’ Centre. We have been the latter in the past and not much has changed – still loads of "tat" (as my parents would have said) for gullible tourists to waste their money on. The associated hotel on the other hand was very nice and looked to offer some good value meals. We simply had a few drinks which we drank whilst sank into the very comfortable leather settees. As a change from the usual tourist Read more […]

Roof box

We have a choice of three cars for the journey to Scotland. My preferred choice was to use my company car: the most comfortable for me, the most fuel efficient, and the one I would prefer to put mileage on. However, even though my company car is a modern Ford Mondeo estate, it is smaller than the main alternative: a Volvo XC90 (a 4×4 soft-roader) – potentially the ideal car for some parts of the Highlands. All cars have tow-bars and we have two trailers: a small one and, well, a large one. Space Read more […]

Just in time windscreen replacement

I had to wait until yesterday to get my windscreen replaced. Not great given I had first called it in to Autoglass two Saturdays before. They had turned up at my place of work on Thursday the previous week with the wrong glass (so much for call centre staff training) and found that the glass required was a bit specially and Ford had to order it from Germany. Promised call-backs and updates never happened. Why is it that most service companies seem incapable of staying in touch. I recall when running Read more […]

So much for 24 hour car windscreen replacement

I got a stone chip on my window last Friday. Fortunately it was near the bottom of the screen located centrally between driver and passenger positions. By midday Saturday, a crack had developed from the original strike to a vertical length of around 4 inches. Still not obscuring my screen. I have a company car and window replacement is covered by Autoglass. I am told that they offer a 24 hour replacement services. I called them and they made an appointment to come to me where I work on the following Read more […]