Back to old style Mercedes

I have just bought a 1993 Mercedes S-Class LWB S500 W140, with 85,000 miles on the clock. Cost me £2800 ($4372). It was a joy to look out of my bedroom window the following morning and see it sat at the back of the rest of the family vehicles. A great trick of perspective makes it look smaller than the other cars, until you start to adjust and notice its size against the large double garage I parked it next to. This is my second W140. I had a later model SWB S280 around 10 years ago that I Read more […]

Used car purchased nearly on a whim Probably not the best way to buy a car, but I was getting concerned…

Used car purchased nearly on a whimProbably not the best way to buy a car, but I was getting concerned since leaving permanent employment in June and returning my company car that I was too reliant on a recently purchased scooter that would not be practical for longer journey or journeys in bad weather.If I get a client not located near to a railway station, then I will really need a car and do not want to be running around trying to find something suitable at the last moment.What I would really Read more […]

Long long day

Drive down to Swindon last week was hard because of snow and ice. I now go cross-country from the Telford area down to the M5 near Worcester rather than having to sit in traffic jams on the M6. Trouble is, many of the roads are pretty windy, sheltered, and inclined. There were cars that had slid off the road all over the place. This week I headed off earlier in darkness and heavy rain and it was still a trial. Managed to get to the office just after 10am though. Sadly, our internal meeting at Read more […]

Car for my eldest

Just drove a nearly new Golf home for my very lucky eldest daughter. She has tried many cars but has been learning in a Golf and it seemed a more practical and longer term proposition than some of the more popular first car choices (such as Fiat 500, Citroen C1) which would not have been ideal for us to drive either. I had a Volvo XC90 that we had hung on to for far too long especially in light of the slump in the popularity of 4×4s. It has had little use since I took on a company car back Read more […]

Testing cars at 17

My eldest daughter turned 17 recently and is taking driving lessons. The instructor, a well regarded independent in the area, seems very good and my daughter something of a natural. She did have a two hour taster lessons on an off road location some months before and seems to have taken to the road easily. He has had her driving in dark, through busy town centres at peak time, in fog, on ice, and in rain. Impressive. Especially for only just over half-a-dozen lessons. Sadly, she cannot practice Read more […]

Car insurance for the young

Had a shock last weekend. My youngest has turned 17 and is taking driving lessons. As expected, she is pretty much a natural and will probably not need many lessons before she can take (and pass) the tests. Unfortunately, all of our cars are automatics which will not let her get practice on using the gearbox and clutch. However, still useful for learning road craft, getting used to driving around, judging things. We asked our insurance company (Direct Line) for quotes to add her to the insurance. Read more […]

Scotland 08 – Monday

Heading to Skye was an obvious choice give we were already on the main road for Skye via the Skye bridge. We were tempted to go by ferry for part of the journey but saved that for later. I have happy memories of Skye from when I was a child. We set off with no particular purpose other than just finding somewhere nice to be out and about where we could let the dogs run free. Sadly, the weather was against us. There was heavy rain most of the time. Actually, we do not mind rain that much – we Read more […]

Roof box

We have a choice of three cars for the journey to Scotland. My preferred choice was to use my company car: the most comfortable for me, the most fuel efficient, and the one I would prefer to put mileage on. However, even though my company car is a modern Ford Mondeo estate, it is smaller than the main alternative: a Volvo XC90 (a 4×4 soft-roader) – potentially the ideal car for some parts of the Highlands. All cars have tow-bars and we have two trailers: a small one and, well, a large one. Space Read more […]