Bust boiler

After years of reliable service, our oil fire central heating has failed. My fault. I over pressurised the system  – not that I should have been able to – by leaving on the refill tap to the closed system. The water jacket (apparently) for the boiler sprang a leak and drained the entire system. The boiler it not made any more and there are not replacement water jackets available, so the whole thing needs to be replaced. Getting this done before Christmas is not on. So it will be a cold holiday Read more […]

Beyond Spamalot

Christmas 2010 & New Year 2011 has not been the most exciting holiday I have had. it did not help that I worked up to and including Christmas Eve and also between Christmas and New Year. Admittedly, this working was done remotely, but it was work nevertheless. I was supposed to be in Swansea the week leading up to Christmas but, to be honest, I chickened out because of the snow. Birmingham On the Monday leading up to Christmas, I had planned to work from home anyway, as we (me, the Mrs and Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

Just won at Monopoly – well it is Christmas – using alternative rules http://www.kyber.co.uk/monopoly (won using Foreclosure) # elephant on a trampoline: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2009/12/and_now_elephants_on_trampolines.html # the dedicated #photographer: http://eyebg.com/?p=4921 (images of photographers going the extra mile) # Powered by Twitter Tools Read more […]

Sick for Christmas

Last few weeks at work has seen me surrounded by people suffering from the most horrendous coughs and colds and given my asthmatic history, I have been deeply worried about getting sick. It looked like I was managing to fight off the bugs though until yesterday. First signs appeared during day  but seemed to damp down in the evening and I walked into town with a colleague for a Thai meal (very poor restaurant). Walked back to the hotel without too much trouble but started to suffer an asthma Read more […]