Train, Bus or Car

My youngest daughter has to buy a bus pass each term to cover her travel to/from her college in Telford. This also provides unlimited travel throughout the area every day of the week. Sadly, she lost the pass last week. It costs £5 to get a replacement (about the same as a normal peak-time return) the first time, and around £35 the second time. Fortunately, this is the first time she has lost the pass. She has a letter from the college which lets her travel for a short time on a very limited Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

Odds and ends # Younger daughter doesn't believe in being ill, even when she is. First proper day at college today, I had to tell her to get a taxi home. # Is your shower making you cough? Leaving you tired? Perhaps it is dosing you with unhelpful bacteria. BBC: # Guiding a child's education # Cleaned out the external filter # Powered by Twitter Tools Read more […]

Guiding a child’s education

It is always hard to know whether or not you have done the right thing for your kids. Around eight years ago we moved from Caterham in Surrey to my home town in Shropshire. There were a number of reasons for doing this, not least being quality of life, but the main two were: * get to know my parents before they passed away * have the same good school opportunities that I did Sadly, both my parents have passed away, but not before the kids got to know they reasonably well, especially my mother Read more […]