Kindle failed but Amazon customer service replacing

Wow. I went to use my Kindle this evening only to find the screen frozen. A quick Google showed this was a problem with a small number of Kindles. Went onto the Amazon customer service page, clicked a few buttons to say my Kindle (bought by my wife) had a fault. I was advised to supply my contact number and click the phone-me button, and someone did, immediately, at 11’o’clock at night! Within a few minutes I was advised a replacement would be with me in a couple of days, and asked to return Read more […]

Restaurants need to focus on good service

You would think in this day and age, when finances are hard for everyone, and in light of the many TV programmes providing advice on running food establishments, all establishments would ensure their customer services are top notch – it is an easy win, and a damaging loss to get this wrong. We recently patronised the Pheasant in Admaston, and the experience was so disappointing I sent them an email afterwards: I am sorry to advise you that you lost the regular custom of my extended family and friends Read more […]