Funny seeing my daughter’s boyfriend trying my recumbent bike for the first time.

Funny seeing my daughter's boyfriend trying my recumbent bike for the first time. Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post … via Google+ Read more […]

Blinded by a bee sting

My eldest daughter was on a two-week field trip to a desert in Spain with her university as part of her Geology course. On the second Friday, she suffered one bee sting to an eyebrow and a second to an eyeball. This would trouble anyone, but it turned out my daughter is allergic to bee stings. She went into anaphylactic shock and collapsed to the ground twitching and struggling to breath. Her face swelled considerably. Fortunately, the field team had good emergency procedures in place and she Read more […]

Second go at university for my eldest daughter

I cannot begin to imagine the feelings one has to deal with when facing starting again at a university one year on from having started elsewhere only to have subsequently dropped out. When the first university was Keele, and the second is Imperial College, the feelings must be even more strange. There cannot be many students who have chosen to have gone to Keele in the first instance, dropped out and then manage to gain a seat in one of the top universities in the country.Zoë took the decision Read more […]

Beyond Spamalot

Christmas 2010 & New Year 2011 has not been the most exciting holiday I have had. it did not help that I worked up to and including Christmas Eve and also between Christmas and New Year. Admittedly, this working was done remotely, but it was work nevertheless. I was supposed to be in Swansea the week leading up to Christmas but, to be honest, I chickened out because of the snow. Birmingham On the Monday leading up to Christmas, I had planned to work from home anyway, as we (me, the Mrs and Read more […]


A few Fridays ago, I was sat in the coffee bar at Stafford railway station waiting for a train to London. A rarity these days as I am mostly working in Swansea and normally work from home on Fridays. My work phone rang but I failed to retrieve it from the depths of the correct pocket in time. A short while later I got the voice mail beep and was able to listen to a message from a friend telling me to call him back urgently. Worrying. I only spoke to my friend every few months or so and we tried to Read more […]