Daughter turns 18

It is a strange feeling. Really, nothing has changed since the day before, but everything has changed. One of my two children (daughters both) has turned 18. As she is not the good-time, drinking, partying kind, there is no big bash to mark the occasion and she seems to think that 18 is not as important as turning 17 which allowed her to take up driving. I am looking at someone who is now, legally, an adult. She no longer has to take notice of me. She could leave home and go anywhere and I would Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

I had forgotten how long Windows XP installation takes compared to imaging in the corporate world. # I have a high-end AMD processor based system using an AMI motherboard and AMI graphics card. Why can't the former detect the latter? # Nice to see Maplin stores stock Dell laptop power supplies. Non of generic replacements had correct adaptor anyway (and they usually break). # Bad computer w/e. New PSU for younger daughter's Dell laptop, my main can't see graphics card, eldest daughter's Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

Looking forward to seeing Andy Parsons@ Swansea Grand Theatre tonight with wife and eldest daughter (visiting me in Swansea) # Weird having visitors to my flat in Swansea. My wife and eldest daughter have driven down for weekend saving me a trip to Telford. # Stuck in lift for 40 hours. Watch sped up video and read article about incident http://bit.ly/7pyAU and lifts in general. Fascinating. # Great anti-iphone ad: http://bit.ly/2l48jR for techies # B15 EKS – reg on Mini Cooper seen earlier. Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

Off to see Twelfth Night, RSC, Stratford, with SO & youngest daughter (fav play). Eldest daughter, not into Shakespeare, at home with dogs. # Shooting in the woods http://post.ly/8paH # Meant to go back with big camera http://post.ly/8QgV # RT I pref w/o music @r4today Nick Cave: "I'm a huge fan of the audiobook, but I've found them largely disappointing." http://is.gd/4gPRl # RT @Sheamus Why Facebook could be the next big news publisher. http://ow.ly/u5UC # Bored. Waiting Read more […]