Eldest daughter returns from skiing trip

Her first skiing trip. Done with her school. Also her first time in Austria. It did involve a long trip each way by coach. She does not travel well and was unable to sleep on the coach which, given it is a 24+ hour trip she ended each journey in a pretty rough state. She enjoyed it a lot despite having boots too small for the first few days and suffering from lack of oxygen (asthma at altitude). No broken bones. We told her about the death of one of her chickens straight-away. She took it stoically Read more […]

Uncle-in-law for 2nd time

My wife’s brother and his wife have become parents for their first time with the birth of a daughter. Several weeks earlier than expected but a good weight and healthy. Obviously needs support on the food and temperature fronts. My wife’s sister and her husband are also relatively new parents having see their first child, a boy, born late last year. He is suffering at the moment with eczema and a pretty severe case of croup (which always seems horrific to the parents). Personally, Read more […]

Postponing a holiday for work

One of the things I am usually really careful about is ensuring that I take my holidays on time with my family. I do not generally make much of a song and dance about it, but I do work very hard and very long hours. Although I try to get away from the client offices before 7pm each night, I usually end up doing more work back in the hotel. On top of commuting times at the head and tail of each week, this means the hours really add up and you need to ensure you get your holidays. Every now and Read more […]

The cat has done a runner

We finally have to admit to ourselves that the cat (the only one we had left) has done a runner. Despite being with us for some 9 or so years, she got really scared by the addition of a second dog to the household. This is despite the fact that when the dog was first brought to us by the Dog Trust to test things out, she seemed to hold her own. She did creep back into the house a few times the first couple of weeks but we have now not seen sign of her for for more two weeks. The cat was very Read more […]