Store Loyalty Cards

I like the benefits but I just can’t be bothered to stuff my wallet with loyalty cards and the vouchers I get forced upon me at the till and through the post drive me nuts. I rarely remember to use them. Whilst I appreciate that the stores want loyalty and therefore a degree of exclusivity, it would be much better for consumers to have them establish a common standard that can be exploited by smartphone apps. This could be a new competitive platform, trading and promoting offers, assisting in Read more […]

A new Physiotherapist in the family

After a slog of four years of study, I am delighted that Lucy has finally been awarded her degree 2.1 as a Physiotherapist. We knew when she started on the journey four years ago by attending a local college in order to obtain an Access qualification providing enough points to enter university (past qualifications having expired in usefulness for this purpose) that it would be a hard ride. At least, we thought we knew. Nothing could compare to the experience itself. Physiotherapy is known to Read more […]

My wife is learning physiotherapy (on final year of degree course) and the stories she tells me o…

My wife is learning physiotherapy (on final year of degree course) and the stories she tells me of people in long term pain suffering side effects from the pain medication or taking the pain makes my blood go cold. Maybe the boffins have a new option on the way: "‘Freezer burn’ method numbs painful nerves" via Google+ Read more […]

Am I undereducated?

I find myself in an odd position. My wife has just started an Access course at a local college with the objective of starting at University on an undergraduate physiotherapy course the following year, at the same time as our older daughter is scheduled to go to University (unless she gets cold feet, or decided to take a year out) and a year ahead of the younger daughter (who has just started her A levels at another local college). I have no formal education planned for my future. Many of my colleagues Read more […]

Another day in the office

Quote of the day: To get something done, a committee should consist of no more than three men, two of whom are absent. – Robert Copeland I have a somewhat odd role at the moment. Not unusual for me. This time I have gone from leading some slightly odd development projects as part of a larger programme of work to acting as the trouble-shooter on the more intractable problems that come up as defects during testing in the overall programme. At least, that is the advertised role. In fact Read more […]