Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-31

@AC_M apols for late response, been to see shows in London over weekend (Phantom of The Opera and Dirty Dancing) in reply to AC_M # @AC_M Universities expect good GCSEs plus higher level qualifications ("A" levels usually in England & Wales) before they will offer places in reply to AC_M # @AC_M without some GCSE qualifications it can be hard to get a job. in reply to AC_M # @AC_M There is a GCSE qualification available for each of a wide range of subjects eg physics, maths, English, Read more […]

A weekend in London

For our youngest daughter’s 16th birthday, my wife and I arranged for her to see Phantom of the Opera in London with three of her friends with time for shopping as well. Obviously, we were not keen on just sending them off to London on their own to fend for themselves so my wife and I arranged to travel down with them, stay in the same hotel and generally be around without cramping their style. I was able to get tickets to see the stage production of Dirty Dancing (one of my wife’s favourite films) Read more […]