Snipping on auctions

eBay is a fantastic place to get bargains (or to be ripped off if not careful) and is especially useful for obtaining things that can not be bought new. The eBay feature that lets you put in your bid limit and then leave it to the system to make sure you always come out on top of any further bids until your limit is reached (assuming people keep topping your bids) is also pretty useful. Most experienced eBay users though wait until near the end of an auction before placing their final bids. Given Read more […]

Let’s hear it for sellotape

Let’s hear it for sellotape Originally uploaded by kyber I connected with a new model through Purestorm and one of the things she really wanted to to do was to reproduce the iconic “American Beauty” style rose petals shot. Not something we had tried before, but we were happy to give it a go. We purchased 2000 fabric rose petals from ebay. It wasn’t enough – amazing – but we made do. Must get some more. Read more […]