I did not have a formal education and I never gained a proper grounding in grammar (and have not been…

I did not have a formal education and I never gained a proper grounding in grammar (and have not been sufficiently interested to rectify this over the decades of my life). In fact, I was in a school intake that experienced a somewhat experimental approach  – we were not taught spelling or grammar (and I remain poor at both). The latter frustrated teachers of foreign languages as they had to spend time teach the basic of grammar for English before they could start to cover another language in any Read more […]

Spirituality in education

Quoted from Ofsted Handbook for the Inspection of Schools, 1994 Spiritual development relates to that aspect of inner life through which pupils acquire insights into their personal existence which are of enduring worth. It is characterised by reflection, the attribution of meaning to experience, valuing a non-material dimension to life and intimations of an enduring reality. ‘Spiritual’ is not synonymous with ‘religious’; all areas of the curriculum may contribute to pupils’ spiritual development. Read more […]

Am I undereducated?

I find myself in an odd position. My wife has just started an Access course at a local college with the objective of starting at University on an undergraduate physiotherapy course the following year, at the same time as our older daughter is scheduled to go to University (unless she gets cold feet, or decided to take a year out) and a year ahead of the younger daughter (who has just started her A levels at another local college). I have no formal education planned for my future. Many of my colleagues Read more […]

Guiding a child’s education

It is always hard to know whether or not you have done the right thing for your kids. Around eight years ago we moved from Caterham in Surrey to my home town in Shropshire. There were a number of reasons for doing this, not least being quality of life, but the main two were: * get to know my parents before they passed away * have the same good school opportunities that I did Sadly, both my parents have passed away, but not before the kids got to know they reasonably well, especially my mother Read more […]

Life after school

My eldest daughter is coming to the end of her first year of study for her A levels and is looking around at universities. Until very recently, my wife and I were unsure that she was actually interested in a university education. She had this idea that even if she did pursue a degree, she would live at home, which drastically reduces the number of universities that can be considered. Frankly, she needs to live away from home to help her become more independent and complete the maturing process Read more […]