A new Physiotherapist in the family

After a slog of four years of study, I am delighted that Lucy has finally been awarded her degree 2.1 as a Physiotherapist. We knew when she started on the journey four years ago by attending a local college in order to obtain an Access qualification providing enough points to enter university (past qualifications having expired in usefulness for this purpose) that it would be a hard ride. At least, we thought we knew. Nothing could compare to the experience itself. Physiotherapy is known to Read more […]

Weekend working

I had three model shoots booked for this coming weekend but I have had to cancel one of them as I need to work on Sunday. I have been lucky over the last few months in that I have felt the need to do only the odd few hours work but this time I have been asked specifically to do a particular bit of work to help some others out. Feels different when it is not optional (well it is, but not really). It does need to get done. I get well paid and it is not much to ask from time to time. I suspect my family Read more […]

Getting there slowly but surely

I finally decided that I prefer doing portraiture over most other types of photography and whilst I have plenty of experience doing small photo shoots of friends and family and friends-of-friends, I have only just started working with models properly by joining a few modelling sites and seeking opportunities to work with them. We met Claire through StarNow website about a week ago and she came for a full shoot yesterday at our house. She was with us for over four hours! What a trooper. She was Read more […]

Scotland 08 – Tuesday

I wanted to minimise the amount of driving I did today so we chose to go to the nearest town: Fort Augustus. This is a very popular tourist spot featuring a series of locks on the Caledonian Canal leading down to Loch Ness. I did an unsuccessful hunt for Internet access in the town whilst the rest of the family visited a rare-breeds farm. We tend to eat outside a lot because we normally have the dogs with us and do not want to leave them in the car. Unfortunately, this brings us to the front-line Read more […]

The cruelty of children

For months, one of my daughters has been looking forward to going off for a summer holiday in France with a friend to stay at the friend’s family holiday home. Our daughter was a little concerned about telling us about the holiday offer originally as it overlaps with a family booking to see Hamlet in Stratford-on-Avon with David Tennet (i.e. Doctor Who) playing the lead. She had been looking forward to seeing this but two weeks in France looked like a great offer. We advised her to go for Read more […]

Weekend break in London – part 3

All together in the Kings Cross Hilton – sometimes I miss the Marriott points more than others and this was one such moment (but the sister hotel of Crown Plaza London Heathrow is, I think, pretty good and better than many of the other hotels in the area so Holiday Inn points it is) – we finally recovered from travelling, work, argument and started to think about food. They had eaten a little (so they told me) on the train. I, on the other hand, was starving. We decided to get out Read more […]