Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

@Dani_Whylie in what way were spellbound "shit"? I thought what they did was incredible. Remarkable skills, altheletic, and entertaining. in reply to Dani_Whylie # BOL is still going well despite lose of Tom Merrit from CNET.COM to TWiT.TV and I like his new TNT show there. Two tech hits a day now. # I have volunteered Alexandra to cook an evening meal. It helps avoid being given a vegetarian meal. Have to take her shopping though. # At a recent staff review meeting @ McDonald's, Read more […]

Cleaned out the external filter

I have been somewhat negligent in not cleaning out the external filter on my aquarium for a long time. It is very overrated for the tank though, so probably didn’t threaten the health of the fish. The external filter consists of a large round canister with a pump in the head, and many thick filters stacked in the base. Water is drawn in at the bottom, through the filters and pumped out to a sprinkler bar from the top of head unit. I should have splitter valves at the top and bottom of the pipes Read more […]

Team meal

Something unusual happened last night. A large group of us working as a temporary critical-delivery team went out for a meal together. We went to an excellent fish & chip cum pub restaurant, Mulligan’s Restaurant & Bar. The place had a tremendous, relaxed and easy-going vibe to it. The food was excellent as was the company. I ended up over-eating (no great change there). I was caught out by them giving me a very generous main-course sized portion of fried white-bait as my starter followed Read more […]

Getting there slowly but surely

I finally decided that I prefer doing portraiture over most other types of photography and whilst I have plenty of experience doing small photo shoots of friends and family and friends-of-friends, I have only just started working with models properly by joining a few modelling sites and seeking opportunities to work with them. We met Claire through StarNow website about a week ago and she came for a full shoot yesterday at our house. She was with us for over four hours! What a trooper. She was Read more […]

Snails in my fish tank

I have no idea where they came from but we have loads. What am I to do? Naturally, I turned to the web. Loads of hits – nice to know I am not alone. Summary is that they are pretty harmless, help keep algae down and are rarely a vector for disease. However, they do breed quickly and can potentially overwhelm a tank. I do need to get rid of them. I say summary: of course there were strongly opposed views – some people warned of parasites that live on snails, destruction of plants, Read more […]

Doctor Who Day and the Fish Tank

We are not exactly fanatics, I mean we do not dress up, but we are fans. My kids do not watch much tv but this is one of the exceptions (as are Torchwood and Heroes) and we tend to watch it as a family and unusually watch when it is broadcast (rather than one playback at our convenience). Saturdays then do not revolve around Doctor Who but we do look forward to sitting down together at the appointed time having had a nice tea together first. Often the kids are off with [different] friends hanging Read more […]

Happy Birthday to me

Ah, the joys of a birthday on a Friday just before a holiday. A great excuse to have the day off. Travelled home last night at a reasonable time (which took a special effort). Kids were at school, wife at work so just me, the fish and the dogs for most of the day. It was really good to relax. Normally when heading off on a camping holiday, I would arrive home lateish on the Friday evening and complete frantic packing of the car to complement the impressive packing of the substantial trailer. Read more […]