Time passes more quickly as you get older

I remember my parents telling me many times that "time passes more quickly as you get older" (obviously, I have long under stood that they may perception of time). I have to agree, a year seems such a short time time and not enough time to get so many things done – at least not unless I prioritise brutally, but I like many of the odds and ends I do now including spending some time on forums like this.  I wonder, does the effect continue, or as you get older and slower and Read more […]

Yet another photography user group on the web

There are a huge number of photography/photographer user groups on the web. These vary from the highly-generic (e.g. holiday pics) to the very specialist (e.g. macro photography of a particular subject matter using a particular lens/camera combination for example). I am a member of many, a subscriber to a few, an occasional contributor to a good number but a regular poster on a very small number. Those sites requiring a subscription have to offer something very special. For example: tutorials of Read more […]

Models not turning up

I am a member of several modelling forums where photographers and models can maintain profiles and get in touch with each other to arrange mutually beneficial shoots. One of the problems with arranging shoots that are not commercially based with models you do not know is that it is hard to tell the time wasters / flakes from the truly committed. Another photographer has posted his top tips to help filter out the the problem models. I have to agree with his conclusions. Read more […]

Forum bolier plate overview

[forum name] is an Unincorporated Association, a club, offering a UK based international discussion forum on [subject area]. The aim is to provide an online community of [collective noun] for mutual help and support. It is currently free to use although donations to support the forum are also welcome. Members are welcome from anywhere in the world. We have an active membership (unlike many forums, we purge accounts that are not regularly used so as to ensure the forum is fresh and aligned with Read more […]