Bust boiler

After years of reliable service, our oil fire central heating has failed. My fault. I over pressurised the system  – not that I should have been able to – by leaving on the refill tap to the closed system. The water jacket (apparently) for the boiler sprang a leak and drained the entire system. The boiler it not made any more and there are not replacement water jackets available, so the whole thing needs to be replaced. Getting this done before Christmas is not on. So it will be a cold holiday Read more […]

New oil tank

Since we moved into our ex-farmhouse some six or seven years ago, we have worried about the old 2000 litre oil tank hidden away around the back of the house. It was old, rusty, and a bit lop-sided. In short, likely to go at any time. Losing lots of oil is not something to look forward to as oil, even a few years ago, is not cheap and cleaning up an oil spill is especially expensive particularly if it gets into any kind of water course. The converted barns behind us, sold off long before we bought Read more […]