Bust boiler

After years of reliable service, our oil fire central heating has failed. My fault. I over pressurised the system  – not that I should have been able to – by leaving on the refill tap to the closed system. The water jacket (apparently) for the boiler sprang a leak and drained the entire system. The boiler it not made any more and there are not replacement water jackets available, so the whole thing needs to be replaced. Getting this done before Christmas is not on. So it will be a cold holiday Read more […]

At the Fringe again

Just returned home from a fantastic holiday for myself and Lucy in Edinburgh. We rented a flat in the middle of the city for nearly two weeks, and were able to see dozens of shows at The Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival, including the world’s largest Comedy festival. This year, we went by train (via Crewe – cheaper than via Stafford). No long drive at top and tail of the holiday. Fantastic. My last role in IBM before leaving in June was working on a proposal at RBS in Edinburgh. It Read more […]

Reshared post from Rosa Golijan:

When will everyone learn this?Original Post from Rosa Golijan:"A secret is no longer a secret once you tell the Internet." Sure the headline of this post is just common sense, but I feel like we all need a reminder this holiday season, especially as all the salacious photo evidence from the past couple of nights is just h… via Google+ https://plus.google.com/108083406947097710872/posts/UcebibwZnkQ Read more […]

New opportunities

I found out on my return from holiday that I shall be rolling off my current project within a couple of months. I had originally expected to be around until at least the end of the year, but a reorganisation of the project and a desire by the client to take on much more themselves again means I will not be required after July in my current role. Potentially there are other roles around on the project but I am more inclined to look elsewhere. I have enjoyed driving down to Swindon each week since Read more […]