Early morning ice skating and the dreaded lurgy

I had to take a day off sick yesterday, felt really rough and knew I would not be able to focus on work. My current client and project allows me to work at home on Fridays, which is great as firstly, you can generally get a lot more work done as you get fewer interruptions and can concentrate on tasks more intently and secondly, you get a decent weekend as you are home by late afternoon (or even mid-afternoon if you get up early enough and have not calls scheduled later in the day). However, I Read more […]

Finally gone down ill

What a horrible couple of days. Felt slightly off colour in the office on Wednesday but it seemed to go away. Went out for a meal (Indian) with a colleague and had a couple (really) of beers. Felt slightly off when we walked back to hotel but went off to sleep okay. Woke up shortly after feeling really ill. After a very rough night, decided to make my way home very carefully rather than trying to get across the road and into work. Slow journey but a relief to get home. Turned out my wife and youngest Read more […]

Back to work

Yipee… I am back to work today. Feeling pretty well (despite still having a few days left of my course of penicillin – I am not allergic to it, but do get a little bit of a reaction). Slept well last night and have pretty much stopped coughing – thank goodness. I am working from home – which will mean a) I can get more done, b) no time wasted travelling, c) helps to make sure I am fully recovered. There is a ton of email to catch up on (starting working my way through Read more […]