A new year and a year of change

This year will be one for change for the Moore family. Hopefully, both Zoë and Alexandra will graduate from their universities, following hard on the heels of their mother, Lucy, who graduated with a 2.1 in Physiotherapy last year. Zoë has a vague plan to find somewhere to live with her boyfriend in North London. Of course that depends on finding suitable work, not the easiest of tasks for graduates these days, but the specialist nature of her course with Imperial College will help (hopefully). Read more […]

Second go at university for my eldest daughter

I cannot begin to imagine the feelings one has to deal with when facing starting again at a university one year on from having started elsewhere only to have subsequently dropped out. When the first university was Keele, and the second is Imperial College, the feelings must be even more strange. There cannot be many students who have chosen to have gone to Keele in the first instance, dropped out and then manage to gain a seat in one of the top universities in the country.Zoë took the decision Read more […]