Music from my time

Many of the social networks and forum sites ask you to populate some kind of profile and those often include a question on what music you like. I always have a lot of trouble with this.  I like a vast vast range of music ranging from classical to some of the latest pop ditties (snigger), from some many countries using a wide range of different instruments (including different ways of using the human voice). Some music moves me greatly.  However, I remember the names/writers/performers Read more […]

Double grade 5 whammy

What a musical genius my youngest daughter (15) is. She recently took grade 5 exams in both piano and classical guitar. This was whilst rehearsing for her latest theatre production with the Musical Theatre Academy and preparing for GCSE exams. As the curriculum for Grade 5 was about to change significantly. it was important for her to pass as she would not have been able to take the exam again in short order. She would effectively had to go back to the beginning and start with a new curriculum. Read more […]