Resisting the iPhone 4

For the last 17 months I have been the relatively happy use of an iPhone 3G on O2. I have made extension use of the device and it has become an integral part of my life. In principle, I would prefer to use an Android phone as I am more inclined to the open standards nature of that platform that Apple’s closed-shop mentality BUT the Apple choice just works and is so easy. I bought on an 18-month contract, so am free to do whatever I want now. Oddly, for a phone, its primary use has not been for Read more […]

O2 iPhone 3GS upgrade nasty

Apple have just introduced a new iPhone. I finally got around to buying one of these fairly recently on an 18 month contract (and my wife was so taken with it, we bought an iTouch for her on MY birthday – could not justify another iPhone subscription). I knew when I signed that there was a good chance that within the 18 months of the contract, Apple would come out with an update. However, I noted that O2 had offered customers a very cost effective upgrade from the iPhone to the iPhone 3g when Read more […]

Joining the iphone world

After year’s of resisting [we are talking Internet years here], I have finally gone ahead and bought an iPhone. This post has been made from it using the iBlogger application.The first version of the iphone was not so great for Europe as whilst very advanced at the usability level it was behind the state of European mobile comma. No 3G support for example. The latest model is far better.I already have a mobile phone and contract from work although I prefer to use my own phone there is no high speed Read more […]