Japanese food

We had a big team meeting/workshop this evening. We held it in a modest local hotel that happens to be owned by a large Japanese company operating nearby and whilst the basic layout of the hotel is fairly traditional British, the restaurant and hence catering (generally) is Japanese. The team met for the first time properly around a large table and worked through details of project on a white-board for some hours. Then food started to arrive. Whilst the food had been described in the menu in English Read more […]

Scotland for Easter

We took the radical step this year of booking a house in Fort William for two weeks and taking extra kids and also inviting my brother and his girl friend. For our two Japanese girls, Mutsuko and Saki (both AFS hostees), Scotland was an amazing experience. Naturally, it rained a lot but we still managed to do something every day.

The second day

Walking Up at 7am, a quick breakfast and into the car off to Julia’s. Julia and Peter and their daughter (all of whom, I should mention, are unusually tall – not that we had warned Mutty of this) live in an old house on the edges of a typically English village in the middle of nowhere and at the end of half mile long shared private lane. The route Peter has chosen involved clambering over fences (some electric – which the dog discover in the worst way possible), down long unused Read more […]