Garden furniture rotting

It is a good job my father-in-law enjoys working with wood and doing odd jobs for us. We bought an extensive amount of wooden garden furniture years ago but in hindsight it would appear our regime of reproofing the furniture against the inclement weather has not been sufficiently rigorous. We were coming to the conclusion that we would probably have to dispose of a significant portion of the seating. My father-in-law though is convinced that he can save the furniture. Excellent. I really do not Read more […]

More problems for photographers

I have mentioned before the problems photographers face when taking photos in public. Many are getting harassed. It seem to be a problem in may places but Britain appears to be suffering the most. See this latest article in The Telegraph and now a major debate on the internet. Looks like the terrorists are winning without doing anything. Read more […]

Uncle-in-law for 2nd time

My wife’s brother and his wife have become parents for their first time with the birth of a daughter. Several weeks earlier than expected but a good weight and healthy. Obviously needs support on the food and temperature fronts. My wife’s sister and her husband are also relatively new parents having see their first child, a boy, born late last year. He is suffering at the moment with eczema and a pretty severe case of croup (which always seems horrific to the parents). Personally, Read more […]