Reduce cost of IT to the tax payer

I wasn’t planning on working far from home again for a while. I’ve had enough of that with a year down in Swansea at DVLA and before that work in Finland and USA for Microsoft, however, I was offered an opportunity to provide consulting services to the Government Digital Service Common Technology Services team based in central London which helps accelerate the Government adoption of modern technologies and aims to reduce the overall cost of IT to tax payers. That feels like both an interesting and Read more […]

New digs for both daughters

As a parent, I absolutely want my children to grew up, become successful, fulfilled, happy adults in their own right, able to stand on their own two feet. As a parent, I dread the moment my children grow up and leave home. That time has come to pass. Over the last two weeks both of our children have left home. Not like they did to go to university but properly, renting their own places (the first homes of their own) and starting new jobs, both in London. Whilst I am very happy for them, I cannot Read more […]

Reshared post from David Fuchs:

Really good to see this reuse of the not so humble smartphone. h/t +Aung Thiha Original Post from David Fuchs:This is great for doctor in out of the way places. The portable eye examination kit, created by scientists at the University of St Andrews, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, is currently being tested in Kenya as a potential tool to revolutionise the #prevention of #blindness in low-income countries.See Also via Read more […]

A weekend in London

For our youngest daughter’s 16th birthday, my wife and I arranged for her to see Phantom of the Opera in London with three of her friends with time for shopping as well. Obviously, we were not keen on just sending them off to London on their own to fend for themselves so my wife and I arranged to travel down with them, stay in the same hotel and generally be around without cramping their style. I was able to get tickets to see the stage production of Dirty Dancing (one of my wife’s favourite films) Read more […]