A journey to Sweden

After working in Swansea for over two years, running and overseeing a wide range of infrastructure related projects, I wanted a big change and was pleased to be asked to take over a deeply troubled project in Sweden. I have never been to Sweden before let alone worked there. The project has had many project managers before me and really needed a different management approach to drive to a satisfactory resolution for both the client and my organisation. The client was not especially pleased at Read more […]

Farewell to one client and a great team

After around two-and-a-half years working on an account in South Wales and running a wide range of projects, I find myself finally rolling off of the account. This is longest I have ever worked in one place since joining PricewaterhouseCoopers over 10 years ago. (Transfered to IBM when they aquired the consulting arm of PwC.) I was getting a little concerned about being on one account for so long as that kind of defeats the point of working for a consulting firm as I enjoy working with many Read more […]

IBM is hiring experienced complex systems integration project managers

IBM Global Business Services activities are growing rapidly in the UK and needs more good senior staff with experience of leading projects that involve complex systems integration. If you are interested in being considered for one of these posts, please get in touch with me. (I have a personal interest in that anyone I refer that gets taken on generates a nice referal bonus for me.) —————————— This role is responsible for leading a project team in delivering a solution to the Read more […]

Matrix management

I have worked with matrix management for many years now, so much so that I am surprised by others not used to its complexities and confusions. I do find it strange though in my part of IBM how I can be directly responsible for eight staff who I have never met, do not work with, and will have little opportunity to meet face-to-face. I have had the good fortune to work with many excellent people over the years, managing large teams dispersed throughout the country and, in some cases, around the globe. Read more […]

Yet another photography user group on the web

There are a huge number of photography/photographer user groups on the web. These vary from the highly-generic (e.g. holiday pics) to the very specialist (e.g. macro photography of a particular subject matter using a particular lens/camera combination for example). I am a member of many, a subscriber to a few, an occasional contributor to a good number but a regular poster on a very small number. Those sites requiring a subscription have to offer something very special. For example: tutorials of Read more […]

Am I undereducated?

I find myself in an odd position. My wife has just started an Access course at a local college with the objective of starting at University on an undergraduate physiotherapy course the following year, at the same time as our older daughter is scheduled to go to University (unless she gets cold feet, or decided to take a year out) and a year ahead of the younger daughter (who has just started her A levels at another local college). I have no formal education planned for my future. Many of my colleagues Read more […]

Not missed

A lot of colleagues had assumed that I had been off sick for a couple of days. A good number were concerned about me. Nice of them. I had of course let those most immediately impacted know I would not be around. I had had a few phone calls but not as many as expected. It seems the work done to prepare for my holiday recently and also the stronger direction I had given to my teams had paid off. I had gone through a phase where I had got far to drawn into working on a lot of line-management activity, Read more […]

Updated my bros business website

I am still feeling off colour and worn out and my work laptop has failed again (arghh!!) so I took some time to see how my concentration was and updated by brother’s specialist book website to use the same content management system this site uses so that he can change the content of the site easily outside of his shopping system and also to enable him to have a blog on the site. He is not computer literate so it is good to move him away from html concerns but he will still need to get his Read more […]

Kyle Mills Smoke Screen

An unexpected read that kept me up all night. I bought it cheap with a job-lot of other books. It is about a bit of a non-entity (our anti-hero) who has worked for a large tobacco firm all his life. In fact, he is tied to it as his grandfather was one of the founders. The firm is not doing well and he is in a middle-management job managing documenting of the history of the company. Suddenly, he is elevated to work for the CEO and ends up taking centre change during a period of major turmoil in the Read more […]