From legacy to new world

From legacy to new world There are vast numbers of companies with creaking data centres who are yet to embrace even virtualisation and optimisation of their estates, let alone embrace the cloud and understand the benefits of containers over virtual machines. Such companies are still often using traditional waterfall development methods in mosts cases to develop bespoke software, maintain/extend legacy applications, or adapt complete off-the shelf packages that do not quite do things the way they Read more […]

Any container will do

The technology world has a long history of format battles (often referred to as “another VHS vs Betamax”). Container technology was lining up to be another one. Containers are fundamental to deployment of applications and micro-services in cloud environments. They are taking over from virtual machines (wasteful of resources, harder to cooperatively manage). The dominate player is Docker. Open container project brings together the major players to offer a common standard that will support portability Read more […]