Passwords too easy This cartoon about password strength has been around for ages, and is spot on. …

Passwords too easyThis cartoon about password strength has been around for ages, and is spot on.It is amazing that so many people do not care about security and still use really simple passwords (often the same password on multiple sites).Best advise is: use long random character passwords generated by or similar. Nothing else is now safe. Long means more than 12 characters.ANY word (including names of people, pets, teams, etc) or phrase (any language) that has been published on the Read more […]

Cloud computing discussion on facebook

A few weeks ago, I got into a discussion about cloud computing from an unusual angle. I posted a link advising people to secure 25GB of storage on the Microsoft SkyDrive before they reduced it to 7GB. A friend of one of my friends commented that he did not trust the cloud, hadn’t got into it yet especially for backing up. So I provided some more information to him, which I thought worth sharing here (with a few edits to make it easier to read). I guess you are specifically talking about personal Read more […]

Secure passwords online

I am often asked for advice on creating good passwords. Usually, as I talk, I get an opened mouth response as people go into shock. The short version, for those who cannot be bothered to read the detail below, is you need to use machine generated random passwords of a decent length that are different for each and every site you use, and that as it is impossible to remember such passwords, use a password management application and service like (free) which can generate and remember them Read more […]