Why I use a Mac instead of more for your money PC

I recently switched from PC (Lenovo running 8.1 Pro 64 bit) to a top spec Macbook. I know Windows very well. I used to build my own PCs. I expect to reinstall Windows OS every six months. I absolutely understand the specification/price argument. For most purposes though, the higher specification hardware is not called for. Such hardware is over specified. Maybe not if you are doing complex 3d CAD, video processing, etc, but not for general Office and development work. More important for me than Read more […]

Back to Mac

I have switched, properly, to a Mac. I know you can get more for your money with a PC (for which, read Windows laptop these days), but the overall integrity, reliability, and quality of the Apple computers is in my humble opinion unsurpassed although Lenovo’s Carbon X1 comes close. Already, in work situations, I have found the Mac much easier to use without lots of additional utilities and complex configuration than any Windows machine I have ever used. I am still going through the learning curve Read more […]

The growth of 3d printing is incredible but the missing bit was 3d scanning at an affordable pric…

The growth of 3d printing is incredible but the missing bit was 3d scanning at an affordable price but that seems to be changing a well now. This reminds me of the hobbyist stage of the PC evolution. New $443 3D scanner on sale: “Looks awesome. Shoots lasers.”http://arstechnica.com/business/2013/04/new-443-3d-scanner-on-sale-looks-awesome-shoots-lasers/ via Google+ https://plus.google.com/108083406947097710872/posts/AHgC8h8CJj3 Read more […]

Books (ebooks) bought on eReader.com

Portal to Murder by Michele Acker 1 2009-04-25 Silent Blade by Ilona Andrews 1 2009-07-27 Cafe at the Edge of Outer Space by Robert B. Appleton 1 2008-07-23 Potential by Isaac Asimov 1 2009-04-25 Alien Infection by Darrell Bain 1 2009-07-27 Altered Humans [Prelude to The Pet Plague] by Darrell Bain 1 2008-05-06 Crazy Ships by Darrell Bain 1 2009-09-11 Human by Choice by Darrell Bain & Travis S. Taylor 1 2009-07-27 Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

Brilliant first episode of new BBC documentary series, Virtual Revolution, was excellent # Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider Blog » Photoshop & Digital Photography Techniques, Tutorials, Books, Reviews & More… http://ff.im/-f6L73 # Weird day. I had a car rear-end mine earlier today, and this evening a front tyre blew out! Waiting for 3rd event. # @thijsniks I'm more inclined to think no multitasking was tech driven design decision re slow UI performance; clearly the OS does Read more […]