Back to work

Yipee… I am back to work today. Feeling pretty well (despite still having a few days left of my course of penicillin – I am not allergic to it, but do get a little bit of a reaction). Slept well last night and have pretty much stopped coughing – thank goodness. I am working from home – which will mean a) I can get more done, b) no time wasted travelling, c) helps to make sure I am fully recovered. There is a ton of email to catch up on (starting working my way through Read more […]

Light traffic

The drive down to Heathrow area from North Shropshire was a breeze today. I reached the office by 8.00AM. No better illustration that many many people have taken at least another day off if not the rest of the week.On the radio, they said around 5m people are expected to call in sick today following over indulgence on new-year's eve.Also on the news was that engineering works on the west-coast train line has over run again (now 3 days) so basically no services of any great merit. I had considered Read more […]

Licking Good

Licking Good Originally uploaded by sunblock. Some people are good with Photoshop …. but some people are great at seeing the potential and realising it. sunblock has loads of creative images as well as some excellent original captures. Whilst I know how to use Photoshop, I am just too slow and impatient and careless for this kind of level of manipulation. I think for now I need to concentrate on getting the basic photography right. Read more […]