Are our photos going to be stolen?UK photographers are right to be concerned about new legislatio…

Are our photos going to be stolen?UK photographers are right to be concerned about new legislation that increases the likelihood of our work being used for commercial purposes without being licensed and hence without receiving any remuneration,The growth of the internet and lax attitudes (mostly ignorance) on the social networking sites as well as a value dilution of the photography art now anyone with a mobile phone is a photographer all threaten the livelihoods of many photographers and this Read more […]

Natural Photography

Every now and then, I come across someone complaining about the photoshopping of images in the media, particularly magazines, and this is often linked to a demand for natural photography. I am no great fan myself of the plastic look, or bad photo retouching generally (which I am guilty of myself).   It is the concept of natural photography though that I find debate worthy. To me, there is nothing natural about photography (not even [url=]camera Read more […]

drops of purple petals

drops of purple petals Originally uploaded by Steve took it I recently found the Light Stalking blog, which provides some great tutorials for photographers, where I was pointed to one of the best collections of waterdrops photography I have ever seen. I do not have the patience, the eye or the skill for this work, but I do find it incredible. This is just one example. Read more […]


Lina Originally uploaded by DreamShots I follow several photographers on flickr, and DreamShots is one of my favourites. He creates shots with fantastic lighting, great poses, and superb emotion. Even when taking very simple concepts, such as here, he executes them brilliantly (and I wish I had thought of this). In princple, such art should inspire me. At times though it depresses me a little as I just do not work at this level yet. Probably not putting the time or thought into the hobby Read more […]

More problems for photographers

I have mentioned before the problems photographers face when taking photos in public. Many are getting harassed. It seem to be a problem in may places but Britain appears to be suffering the most. See this latest article in The Telegraph and now a major debate on the internet. Looks like the terrorists are winning without doing anything. Read more […]