Seeking the work of others for inspiration

There are times when photograph inspire, times when they just encourage you to give up with no hope of ever getting any good, and other times when you just sit back and enjoy. Fortunately, Trey Ratcliff’s work often falls into the later camp and is one of the best sites on the web for photographers. Posted via email from kyber’s posterous Read more […]

Natural Photography

Every now and then, I come across someone complaining about the photoshopping of images in the media, particularly magazines, and this is often linked to a demand for natural photography. I am no great fan myself of the plastic look, or bad photo retouching generally (which I am guilty of myself).   It is the concept of natural photography though that I find debate worthy. To me, there is nothing natural about photography (not even [url=]camera Read more […]

Portraiture camera settings

On a photography group on linkedin someone asked for advice on what settings worked best for portraiture. I replied thus: You have great advice, and a wonderful example (which I have made a favourite on flickr).Let me add some basics, apologies for teaching you to suck eggs if you know all this already, but just in case … As stated elsewhere… there is no ideal setting, it depends on what you are trying to achieve. You would be better learning to use natural light first and, in particular, Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom tutorials by Julieanne Kost # Photography Tutorials, Tips, Lessons, Equipment Reviews, Photography WordPress Themes # RT @TelegraphNews Basic biscuit sales crumble as consumers go upmarket # If you can remember your password then it's hopelessly inadequate, warn research[..] – (via @newsarse) # I have just discovered that there is a free version of DragonDictate voice recognition Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

Karlu Photographic : ColourMagic Lighting Gel Pack – Original [LFLG01] – £16.33 # Photography Monthly | Which Digital Camera # Digital camera reviews, photography techniques, photography gallery and photography forums # Digital SLR Photography – DSLR reviews, news and user guides for Sony, Nikon, Olympus and Canon digital cameras -… # After years as a #strobist have now bought 4x Elinchrome D-Lite 4 it heads. Read more […]