I laughed so much at a play today that my belly hurts. It has been a long time since that last happened…

I laughed so much at a play today that my belly hurts. It has been a long time since that last happened. Incredible performance. The Play That Goes Wrong is on at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – http://www.edfringe.com/event/PLAYTHA+Edinburgh Festival Fringe #edfringe Award-winning comedy company Mischief Theatre’s new hit comedy direct from the West End. The inept and accident prone Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society embark on bringing an ambitious 1920s murder mystery (Murder at Haversham Read more […]

Computing AntiquitiesI like change. Change for change’s sake in many cases, providing the cha…

Computing AntiquitiesI like change. Change for change's sake in many cases, providing the change is to bring something new to the table such as improved speed, additional features, more flexibility. I am a geek, and I really like technology.When friends wax lyrical over a classic car, I am¬†cataloguing the disadvantages (I have learnt to do this in my head rather than aloud): no bluetooth, lack of ABS, poor fuel economy, less comfort, poor safety, etc. Similarly, old computers hold little appeal Read more […]

Sony PS3 rental charge, but no service

I am really hacked off with Sony, or rather with their UK Playstation Store. I rented a film for the first time a few weeks ago (Robin Hood). It downloaded okay, but I could not play it, said it needed authorising. Eventually called support, they said it would be fixed. A week later, I got a message saying I could download and play it. Was not convenient for me then. Following weekend, I found I could download again (in fact, it told me it only needed to download some authorisation/extension code, Read more […]

Another theatre

We had a family outing to The Priory Theatre in Kenilworth last night to see an amateur production of Tom, Dick and Harry (by Ray and Michael Cooney). Neither I nor my eldest daughter were very well, in fact I had been off sick the previous day with general lurgyness and my daughter had stayed in her bedroom for the last few days, but having paid for the tickets already and deciding we would be sitting quietly with little effort dosed up with mediine, we decided to give it a go. It was well worth Read more […]

Another day in the office

Quote of the day: To get something done, a committee should consist of no more than three men, two of whom are absent. – Robert Copeland I have a somewhat odd role at the moment. Not unusual for me. This time I have gone from leading some slightly odd development projects as part of a larger programme of work to acting as the trouble-shooter on the more intractable problems that come up as defects during testing in the overall programme. At least, that is the advertised role. In fact Read more […]

Dog pics

Further to our visiting the Dog Trust yesterday and choosing another dog to join our home, The Dog Trust is due to visit our home later this week to check all is well, the dog likes the house, and that he gets on with our other pets (Tag, a dog acquired from the Dog Trust several years previously; and an ageing but very fit and bossy cat). The trust encourage you to visit and get to know you knew dog before the transfer. So, we paid him a visit today and were able to take him for a good walk Read more […]