I have fought with MS Project for many years. I remember introducing it in a large consulting engineering…

I have fought with MS Project for many years. I remember introducing it in a large consulting engineering company a long time ago where the MD described it as a replacement for the back of the envelope project planning – we had other more serious tools for management of big civil engineering projects and the like.Whilst it has grown over the years, and I have seen some incredibly complex macro based monolithic planning and roll ups and extracts done with it, often the to detriment of project delivery Read more […]

A journey to Sweden

After working in Swansea for over two years, running and overseeing a wide range of infrastructure related projects, I wanted a big change and was pleased to be asked to take over a deeply troubled project in Sweden. I have never been to Sweden before let alone worked there. The project has had many project managers before me and really needed a different management approach to drive to a satisfactory resolution for both the client and my organisation. The client was not especially pleased at Read more […]

IBM is hiring experienced complex systems integration project managers

IBM Global Business Services activities are growing rapidly in the UK and needs more good senior staff with experience of leading projects that involve complex systems integration. If you are interested in being considered for one of these posts, please get in touch with me. (I have a personal interest in that anyone I refer that gets taken on generates a nice referal bonus for me.) —————————— This role is responsible for leading a project team in delivering a solution to the Read more […]

Bye bye Marriott

After years of working away most weeks, living in corporate hotels, and generally suffering the ills of such a lifestyle, I have landed on a project that positively encourages you to get out of your hotel and into a flat. No surprises that it saves a lot of money (a hotel room typically costing over £100 per night in most places). When I was doing more traditional consulting (technology strategy type stuff), I tended to have several clients on the go at the same time, or being working for Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

RT very funny, but a little cruel @Sheamus: How to wake your girlfriend up. http://bit.ly/W7yps # How to control the page numbering in a Word document http://post.ly/6EON # Make the Most of Office Coffee – Office culture – Lifehacker http://post.ly/63yh # Not going to return this missed call http://post.ly/63uj # Incest Revelations Will Be Nothing in the Future of Celebrity Biographies [P… http://post.ly/63t3 # Strobist: How to Improve Your Cheapo Webcam's Picture Quality http://post.ly/62Dj Read more […]