Working at home

Every time I work at home, I make the same mistake: I forget to take breaks. I do not eat enough (not really a major loss for me) and I end up very stiff with my back hurting like hell from sitting in the same position for to long. I also often end up too cold as I am sitting still for so long. On the other hand, it is nice not to be constantly interrupted and be able to get on and concentrate on some critical tasks. My wife now gets up around 5.45am so she can go for a swim/gym session before Read more […]

The blocker to home working

The corporate intranet has a bit of a feature today on remote working that I have been perusing whilst providing TLC to an email recovery process I am having to suffer at the moment. My employer has a very positive attitude towards home working and is promoting this way of working. Sadly, it is not an opportunity that comes my way much. I posted a comment to one of the key articles. A bloggised version of my comment follows. I am a mobile worker expected to work on client sites most of the time. Read more […]