Garden furniture rotting

It is a good job my father-in-law enjoys working with wood and doing odd jobs for us. We bought an extensive amount of wooden garden furniture years ago but in hindsight it would appear our regime of reproofing the furniture against the inclement weather has not been sufficiently rigorous. We were coming to the conclusion that we would probably have to dispose of a significant portion of the seating. My father-in-law though is convinced that he can save the furniture. Excellent. I really do not Read more […]

M6 crash

I left late on Friday (last night) and expected a relatively quick drive home (it is, after all, only 114 miles or so) BUT a crash on the M6 around 6am was still causing problems late in the evening. Apparently resurfacing work was required to repair damaged (melted in a fire one would guess) tarmac. Sadly, as no south bound traffic had been allowed down the Birmingham stretch of the M6, traffic had ended up going down the M5 and then cross country. North was clear but traffic coming up the M5 faced Read more […]

Xbox 360 suffered major hardware fault

Our Xbox 360 suffered the dreaded three red lights some time ago. This is when three of the segments around the on/off button show up as red instead of green. This signifies a major hardware failure, hence the usual name: Red Ring of Death (RROD). This is a common problem and there are suggestions on the net that there is a major design defect with the Xbox 360 and a much higher return rate than Microsoft previously advised. Microsoft recently extended the warranty period retrospectively on these Read more […]