Review here there everywhere

The great thing about working independently is that I can pick and choose work (consistent with maintaining a certain level of income of course). As Lucy has only just finished her studies and we are both free of obligations for the first time in many many years, I have chosen to take a long break from full time work and carry out only a few selected IT reviews for small businesses within easy commuting distance. In the meantime, Lucy and I have had some fun. It will not last long, so making Read more […]

Amazon book reviews and the average reader

I do find it amazing how many book reviews on Amazon claim that the book isn’t for the average reader. To quote from my recent comment on this: I do wonder who this “average” reader is that anyone posting on these feedbacks seems to consider themselves to be above. My guess, and it is no more than that (I have no reliable information on “average” reading abilities in USA or UK) is that the vast majority of basically educated people in the developed world with some secular religious education Read more […]