What do athiests think about Christians

On a penpal forum I patronise, the above question was raised and I could not resist responding. > I’m wondering what athiest think about Christians… I’m a humanist rather than an athiest, but you could argue that the latter is a sub-set of the former. Thus, I reject the theist premise regardless of other consideration in the first instance. My regard for Christians (or of people of its sister religions of Islam or Judaism for that matter, i.e. Muslims and Jews) is focused on who they are and Read more […]

Having nude photographs taken

Taken from a reply I posted on a facebook group discussion In most (but not all) countries, image rights automatically rest with the photographer, exclusively, unless there is a specific contractual exception to this (including employment contracts, where the employer typically takes the rights). Usually clients get a license from the photographer for specific usage for specific images for specific purposes.  If you are paying the photographer, you are the client but this does not give you Read more […]

Model Release

Version 3.0 issued 28th September 2008 This release relates to Photographs taken on _________________ (date) at ______________________________________________________ (location) (the “Photoshoot”). For good and valuable consideration (outlined below), the receipt and legal sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I ___________________________________ (the “Model”) hereby grant to _______________________________ (the "Photographer"), the Photographer’s Read more […]

Photo assignment

I really enjoy doing photography. It is great fun, can be done at any time, and generally gives pleasure to many. Getting paid for it is even better. I choose not to take on the high-pressure work and responsibility of weddings (I just do not have the time to prepare given the long hours I work in my day-job). Taking photos of new and inexperienced models for the cost of providing them with some prints or CDs (tfp or tfcd: trade for print or trade for cd) gives the models something to add to their Read more […]

The rights of photographers

There has been a steadily increasing number of reports of police and security guards stopping photographers going about their perfectly lawful activities. In some cases, cameras have had to be handed over or memory-cards erased. The average member of the public, according to several surveys, seems completely ignorant of the rights of photographers. Most believe that a photographer has no right to take a photo of an individual. In fact, a photographer has the right to take a picture of anyone Read more […]

Forum boiler plate terms and conditions

[forum name] Terms of Use Version [version] published [date] Welcome to [forum name]! We love [subject area] and for the most part this site is all about [subjec area] and camaraderie. For the protection of our partners, suppliers, you and us, however, the Terms of Use of [forum name] are very important. [forum name] is an Unincorporated Association of people interested in [subject area] and is the owner and operator of [forum name], and its affiliates and suppliers (collectively “[forum Read more […]