The Digital Magazine dilema

I really do not mind paying more for a digital experience that is not a gimmick but genuinely adds to the value I get out of the content over and above what I would have gained from a printed or basic digitised version. That value can be just entertainment and convenience in some cases. I think there are three states of digitisation of magazines: PDF version of magazine with little allowance for use on digital devices – this is irritating with, for example, photographer magazines that have Read more […]

Peace of mind for valuables at the gym

I have for some time been concerned about leaving valuables in the locker at my gym (DW Fitness) – not specifically because of any problems reported at the branches I use but because lockers in such locations are clearly vulnerable and there have been reports of gyms being targeted by thieving gangs. There are not many portable lock boxes with movement alarms around. Frankly, this is the only one I found that looked at all substantial in the UK. It is the Xitel mySAFE. I purchased two, one Read more […]