Store Loyalty Cards

I like the benefits but I just can’t be bothered to stuff my wallet with loyalty cards and the vouchers I get forced upon me at the till and through the post drive me nuts. I rarely remember to use them. Whilst I appreciate that the stores want loyalty and therefore a degree of exclusivity, it would be much better for consumers to have them establish a common standard that can be exploited by smartphone apps. This could be a new competitive platform, trading and promoting offers, assisting in Read more […]

Solving the ecommerce home delivery problem for online shoppers

I am really glad to have tried out ByBoxUk and will be signing up for the annual plan (less than £1 per week) shortly as it solves a key home delivery problem for me. The likes of Home Delivery Network (now called Yodel) are very unreliable for home deliveries in my experience, delivering at strange times, being difficult to contact, hard to track, handling goods poorly at times, and certainly reporting delivery attempts that do not seem to fit with my observations. Like most people with Read more […]

Snipping on auctions

eBay is a fantastic place to get bargains (or to be ripped off if not careful) and is especially useful for obtaining things that can not be bought new. The eBay feature that lets you put in your bid limit and then leave it to the system to make sure you always come out on top of any further bids until your limit is reached (assuming people keep topping your bids) is also pretty useful. Most experienced eBay users though wait until near the end of an auction before placing their final bids. Given Read more […]

Borders no more

I was saddened to see Borders in Birmingham this weekend selling off everything including store fittings. Borders has been my favorite book store for a while, especially their out-of-town stores on retail parks. I preferred the style of their stores to those of Waterstones. It also removes one of the more interesting options for ebook readers (as an alternative to the UK dominant Sony devices and the recently arrived international version of Amazon’s Kindle). We were in Birmingham to see Avatar Read more […]

A weekend in London

For our youngest daughter’s 16th birthday, my wife and I arranged for her to see Phantom of the Opera in London with three of her friends with time for shopping as well. Obviously, we were not keen on just sending them off to London on their own to fend for themselves so my wife and I arranged to travel down with them, stay in the same hotel and generally be around without cramping their style. I was able to get tickets to see the stage production of Dirty Dancing (one of my wife’s favourite films) Read more […]

don’t forget the discount

I indulged my youngest daughter (just shy of 16) in a little retail therapy today in the rainy delights of Shrewsbury. We found a small boutique shop in one of the covered centres and she and her mother quickly picked out a couple of suitable dresses. The shopkeeper offered my wife a discount on one of the dresses even before she asked, so he was obviously keen to make a sale. My wife spent some time checking the dresses over to make sure that they were well made for their price range (years running Read more […]

a few weeks later

It has been a while since I blogged. One reason has been because of my getting into Twitter, mostly using my iPhone as I am now.Work has been extremely hectic over the last few weeks as well. My weekends have been taken up with work, which is never a good thing. I am certainly looking forward to the long Easter weekend.My eldest was away a couple of weekends ago on a college geography field trip. That meant the rest of us could go shopping. Or at least my youngest could try on prom dresses to decide Read more […]