Selling our home

I knew this day would come. The day when I reached a certain age, the kids had grown up and left home, and I wanted to consider working less and having more fun. Time to DOWNSIZE. A large farmhouse style property with 7 bedrooms is clearly too much for a late-middle-age couple. So, it is time to sell the house and move into something more humble. You can’t just slap up a for sale sign these days and have the estate agent pop your details into their window. No. Nowadays you have to prepare Read more […]

A new Physiotherapist in the family

After a slog of four years of study, I am delighted that Lucy has finally been awarded her degree 2.1 as a Physiotherapist. We knew when she started on the journey four years ago by attending a local college in order to obtain an Access qualification providing enough points to enter university (past qualifications having expired in usefulness for this purpose) that it would be a hard ride. At least, we thought we knew. Nothing could compare to the experience itself. Physiotherapy is known to Read more […]

Second go at university for my eldest daughter

I cannot begin to imagine the feelings one has to deal with when facing starting again at a university one year on from having started elsewhere only to have subsequently dropped out. When the first university was Keele, and the second is Imperial College, the feelings must be even more strange. There cannot be many students who have chosen to have gone to Keele in the first instance, dropped out and then manage to gain a seat in one of the top universities in the country.Zoë took the decision Read more […]

The first CV

Our oldest daughter is getting to the point where she needs to think seriously about building up some work experience (and earning some money). She completes GCSEs this summer and then gets the longest summer break of her school life so far before returning in the autumn term to the 6th form to commence work on her A-levels. I have just helped her write her first CV. Well, more of a combined one-page begging-letter (“gis-a-job”) and CV. Here is the text: Background 16 years Read more […]