A weekend in Swansea

Last time I rented a flat, I was unmarried and living in Ripley in Derbyshire. The flat was something of a come-down from living in my own home, but I’d had to sell up because of some bad business deals (actually, trusting someone too much – we live and learn). I was at the time working for Butterley Engineering as their IT Manager.Whilst living in Ripley, I met the woman who a year later I married and we moved into a rented house in Hemingford-Grey in Cambridgeshire. After renting and owning Read more […]

Teething problems with the flat

I have spent my first working-week in my flat in Swansea. What a pleasure it was. A great sense of freedom from life in a Marriot. Teething troubles That’s not to say there have not been any issues. The shower does not work, the bed mattress is a lot on the soft/thin side for me, the TV did not work and the timer for the hot-water and heating is suspect. I also had to report that one of the bedroom wardrobe doors is in need of some attention before it does more damage scrapping the draw underneath Read more […]

Bye bye Marriott

After years of working away most weeks, living in corporate hotels, and generally suffering the ills of such a lifestyle, I have landed on a project that positively encourages you to get out of your hotel and into a flat. No surprises that it saves a lot of money (a hotel room typically costing over £100 per night in most places). When I was doing more traditional consulting (technology strategy type stuff), I tended to have several clients on the go at the same time, or being working for Read more […]

A week in Swansea

I moved onto a new client this week, based in Swansea (the obvious guess applies). There is already a large and well established team there from several companies working in some degree of harmony. I was originally expecting to benefit from a couple of weeks handover from my predecessor but as it turned out, this was not to be so and I was dropped into the deep end. Not as deep as it could have been though as many people were still on holiday and there was another colleague who had worked closely Read more […]