The Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea

The Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea, a photo by kyber on Flickr.A long-exposure evening shot of the Dylan Thomas Theatre on the Marina in Swansea. I rarely have the patience to wait with the camera on a tripod to get these kind of shots. I do rather like it though. The effect is great, and I really should do more of them. It is especially interesting balancing the lights on the water around the Marina. Via Flickr: A long-exposure evening shot of the Dylan Thomas Theatre on the Marina in Swansea. I Read more […]

As You Like It

Our latest trip to Stratford, courtesy of tickets from the IBM Warwick employee theatre club, was to see the oft maligned As You Like It. This is one of the few Shakespeare plays I had not seen at all. It has a reputation for being rather less substantial, implausible, and light on comedy and is sometimes included amongst the category of “problem plays”. I absolutely loved it. The RSCs performance was superb. I was especially impressed by Katy Steven’s playing of Rosalind, yet another instance Read more […]

Amazing Human Body

We saw a performance by Traces at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry last night. An acrobatic dance show described on their site thus: TRACES combines high-level circus skills with an electric urban street energy. With disciplines as varied as Chinese poles, basketball, skateboards, classical piano, dance, comedy and illustration, these five acrobats move quickly from one skill to the next, interpreting each in surprising and innovative ways. It was breathtaking. I really like modern dance, especially Read more […]

Another theatre

We had a family outing to The Priory Theatre in Kenilworth last night to see an amateur production of Tom, Dick and Harry (by Ray and Michael Cooney). Neither I nor my eldest daughter were very well, in fact I had been off sick the previous day with general lurgyness and my daughter had stayed in her bedroom for the last few days, but having paid for the tickets already and deciding we would be sitting quietly with little effort dosed up with mediine, we decided to give it a go. It was well worth Read more […]

A weekend in London

For our youngest daughter’s 16th birthday, my wife and I arranged for her to see Phantom of the Opera in London with three of her friends with time for shopping as well. Obviously, we were not keen on just sending them off to London on their own to fend for themselves so my wife and I arranged to travel down with them, stay in the same hotel and generally be around without cramping their style. I was able to get tickets to see the stage production of Dirty Dancing (one of my wife’s favourite films) Read more […]

Great theatre show

For years, my youngest daughter has been keen on musical drama. She has trodden the board hundreds of times in many many shows. She also used to be in a dance troupe but these days sticks to just drama. The latest show by the Muscial Theatre Academy was Thoroughly Modern Millie which ran at the Oakengates (Telford) theatre for three nights. Well, two nights actually, the Thursday had to be canceled because when they moved from the rehearsal site to the theatre site and the rented scenery arrived, Read more […]

Another show in the bag

My youngest took part in yet another musical over the last few days. This time it was West Side Story and she was one of the dancers. The group she is with is a bit good and many of the leaders are very experienced usually having worked in the west-end. The theatre used is a major venue for the area and puts on a lot of professional shows of all kinds. Sadly, the seats are never that comfortable for me so I always struggle. My fault for being too large. The problems with my knee earlier this year Read more […]