The end of the long commute and audio book experience

I recently came the end of a long term assignment that had me travelling to Swansea every week and living in a flat three, four and sometime five nights a week. The drive at the beginning and end of the week was somewhat draining as it took at least three hours, more usually four allowing for a break and sometimes, when very tired or weather bad, five or more. Typically I drove down on a Monday morning in time to get started at 10am and left on a Thursday around 4pm.I am not sorry to have come to Read more […]

Train, Bus or Car

My youngest daughter has to buy a bus pass each term to cover her travel to/from her college in Telford. This also provides unlimited travel throughout the area every day of the week. Sadly, she lost the pass last week. It costs £5 to get a replacement (about the same as a normal peak-time return) the first time, and around £35 the second time. Fortunately, this is the first time she has lost the pass. She has a letter from the college which lets her travel for a short time on a very limited Read more […]

Training day

Change of surroundings today. Headed into an office in central London for some training. My current client runs a small bus service for staff between the office we are working at near Heathrow and their office near Paddington station. I hate this service. It takes far too long and makes me sick. No, really. I get travel sick easily. Not a good passenger. The buses do feel somewhat thrown around and I get the distinct impression that the drivers really do not want to be doing the job. So, whenever Read more […]

Postponing a holiday for work

One of the things I am usually really careful about is ensuring that I take my holidays on time with my family. I do not generally make much of a song and dance about it, but I do work very hard and very long hours. Although I try to get away from the client offices before 7pm each night, I usually end up doing more work back in the hotel. On top of commuting times at the head and tail of each week, this means the hours really add up and you need to ensure you get your holidays. Every now and Read more […]

Bad night, gone home

The hotel room was still not being heated properly so I got them to change me to another room. The room was not of the same standard but seemed fine to me and was as warm as I wanted it to be which helped me out a lot. Despite being in a warm room though, I still coughed myself through most of the night and felt completely shattered in the morning. I decided to heed the advice of several colleagues, and headed for home: taxi to railway station train to Paddington tube to Euston Square walk Read more […]

Light traffic

The drive down to Heathrow area from North Shropshire was a breeze today. I reached the office by 8.00AM. No better illustration that many many people have taken at least another day off if not the rest of the week.On the radio, they said around 5m people are expected to call in sick today following over indulgence on new-year's eve.Also on the news was that engineering works on the west-coast train line has over run again (now 3 days) so basically no services of any great merit. I had considered Read more […]