Deliveries when you are out is a major problem for ecommerce.Over a year ago, I posted about a lo…

Deliveries when you are out is a major problem for ecommerce.Over a year ago, I posted about a locker service run by +ByBox UK, similar to the Amazon locker service. I had expected over the last year to see a lot of competition on this space. I am surprised that this is not the case (or that it has passed me by).There has been a shakeup in the courier market, and improved options from some suppliers on delivery windows and late working, especially in the case of groceries. It is still far from great Read more […]

Learning photography online

(from a reply I posted on a facebook photography group) There is a huge amount of material online to help individuals learn and improve their photography including academic course leading to recognised qualifications with a number of universities and photography organisations. The most important thing you can do though, is take photographs. Photography is an art and a skill, and not something you can just learn. You have to practice. Google is your friend. There are lots of basic introductions Read more […]

Am I undereducated?

I find myself in an odd position. My wife has just started an Access course at a local college with the objective of starting at University on an undergraduate physiotherapy course the following year, at the same time as our older daughter is scheduled to go to University (unless she gets cold feet, or decided to take a year out) and a year ahead of the younger daughter (who has just started her A levels at another local college). I have no formal education planned for my future. Many of my colleagues Read more […]


I attended an internal training course for a couple of days last week. I had been trying to get on this course for months, but client priorities kept meaning I could not attend. I had heard good things about the training from those who had gone before. Finally I managed it and have to say I enjoyed it hugely. I have not been on a residential training course for ages and realised. As usual, a key part of the enjoyment was meeting a wide range of other people from around the globe who have to do Read more […]

My Bros birthday

It was my brother’s birthday this weekend. As it happens, he was celebrating at The Stiperstones Inn, a traditional ale house and hostel type place set in the heart of the South Shropshire Hills. As I was picking up my eldest from a training course in near-by Shrewsbury, it was easy for us to drop in for an evening meal. Our stay was relatively brief as both my daughters were tired (one from being in a musical show for the preceding few days  and the other from training) but it was enough Read more […]

St John Ambulance

My eldest and, more recently, my wife are both members of this wonderful organisation. After two weekends of training, my eldest just passed her first examination and is now first-aid qualified (same level as typically seen in the "first aider" in businesses of five or more staff). She will go on to more advanced training as well as being out on duty at various events in the area. Great result. I am very proud of her. Read more […]

Changing role

After over 14 months working on a major systems integration project for one client, I am finally coming to the end of my work. I have anticipated that I might well move into another role within the project but as my skills tend to have been around more infrastructural based elements, which are nearly concluded, it is a good moment to move on. There are a few niggly technical things to fix before I can move on completely but I can probably do most of these remotely working with some colleagues on Read more […]

Doctor Who Day and the Fish Tank

We are not exactly fanatics, I mean we do not dress up, but we are fans. My kids do not watch much tv but this is one of the exceptions (as are Torchwood and Heroes) and we tend to watch it as a family and unusually watch when it is broadcast (rather than one playback at our convenience). Saturdays then do not revolve around Doctor Who but we do look forward to sitting down together at the appointed time having had a nice tea together first. Often the kids are off with [different] friends hanging Read more […]