Seeking the work of others for inspiration

There are times when photograph inspire, times when they just encourage you to give up with no hope of ever getting any good, and other times when you just sit back and enjoy. Fortunately, Trey Ratcliff’s work often falls into the later camp and is one of the best sites on the web for photographers. Posted via email from kyber’s posterous Read more […]

Pluggio – twitter web application

I have recently started using Pluggio to manage several of my Twitter accounts, including my personal account. Pluggio is a relatively new application and was developed by one man, who is now running this small business. There is a lot of competition out there in twitter application land, many of which are free. Pluggio did start out with a freemium model, but recently went paid only (too many people not converting was creating disproportionate demand on resources and support). The strap line is: Read more […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

brilliant inspirational work 21 Great Shots [And How They Were Taken] #photography # love these examples of high speed #photography # @MirrornaM that alternative tilt shift stuff has me puzzled as well, normally only think of it to correct architectural works #photography # @psaregion16 have fed back on flickr; don't really get what you were trying to achieve # @extrajection I would have liked to have seen Bill Gates misjudgement of Read more […]

Yet another photography user group on the web

There are a huge number of photography/photographer user groups on the web. These vary from the highly-generic (e.g. holiday pics) to the very specialist (e.g. macro photography of a particular subject matter using a particular lens/camera combination for example). I am a member of many, a subscriber to a few, an occasional contributor to a good number but a regular poster on a very small number. Those sites requiring a subscription have to offer something very special. For example: tutorials of Read more […]