You know you have been a consultant too long when

When I first joined PricewaterhouseCooper back in 2001, I was sent a guide on when you know you have been a consultant too long. I happened to see this today when searching for an old email. YOU KNOW YOU’VE BEEN A CONSULTANT FOR TOO LONG WHEN: 1) you refer to the yield of the tomato plants in your home garden as "deliverables"; 2) you can tell the copier repair person at the client site exactly what’s wrong with the machine and what parts need to be replaced; 3) the new client Read more […]

Working at home

Every time I work at home, I make the same mistake: I forget to take breaks. I do not eat enough (not really a major loss for me) and I end up very stiff with my back hurting like hell from sitting in the same position for to long. I also often end up too cold as I am sitting still for so long. On the other hand, it is nice not to be constantly interrupted and be able to get on and concentrate on some critical tasks. My wife now gets up around 5.45am so she can go for a swim/gym session before Read more […]

Still no sign of Amazon releasing the Kindle in the UK

Just read a post on the Kindle UK, Canada Blog and posted a comment which I have reproduced below. As I have said before, I am a big fan of ebooks and have purchased a lot of content from in particular – I find most books I want, including most available on the high street, are available and often cheaper in ebook format than in their dead tree versions. I am really disappointed that Amazon have not got their act together on a UK release of the Kindle. That said, I am not sure I would Read more […]

new specs

Had my friendly neighbourhood optician put some new lenses in my existing spectacle frames this evening. The lenses are varifocals to a new prescription so I am going through the usual head mangling process of my eyes (or rather, my brain) adjusting to the changes. Fortunately, the distance part of my prescription has not changed but the reading part has increased a couple of steps so as I walk around, the floor and steps look very strange. Using a computer is particularly challenging as the screen Read more […]

New opportunities

I found out on my return from holiday that I shall be rolling off my current project within a couple of months. I had originally expected to be around until at least the end of the year, but a reorganisation of the project and a desire by the client to take on much more themselves again means I will not be required after July in my current role. Potentially there are other roles around on the project but I am more inclined to look elsewhere. I have enjoyed driving down to Swindon each week since Read more […]